Welcome to this little window (bog with an l) through which you’ll catch the occasional glimpse of what I’m thinking and seeing. There’ll be nothing deep and noteworthy, just thoughts, pictures, the odd story and a bit of info on BWATOF happenings.

For starters we just finished 29 shows in seven provinces. We dragged ourselves home from Ontario last Monday with a fairly easy summer ahead of us. We’re playing for one convention per month for the next four months. Some good, wha? Other than that we’ll be, let’s see: practicing, writing, fishing, singing and playing with friends, gardening, canoeing, fishing, taking care of bits of business and fishing. Did I mention fishing? Oh, and spending time with da woife, family and especially Allie (my granddaughter) ..if she still remembers me.

On Friday we take off for Sin John’s to play for a dirty big bunch of Opthamologists (yea, I had to look it up too). Know any eye jokes or what? But then again we couldn’t tell them. Specialized groups like that don’t want jokes about them; they’ve heard them all. We actually had to sign a contract with a refraining clause once before playing for a group of lawyers. See, the stuff you’re finding interesting already, hey? Wicket.

Cheers for now. Drop in again later on. I’ll tell some shockingly revealing stories about Ray and Kevin!

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