Vancouver or Boston?

Okay help me out here. Who do I cheer for Vancouver or Boston?

Some go with the ABB campaign (Anyone But Boston). That’s mainly because they defeated their beloved Canadiens. Leanne Power spits every time she has to say the ‘B’ word. Others cheer for Boston because they are the only Canadian team left. They think that Montreal is in another country and that Vancouver is on another planet.

Vancouver, some say, deserves it because they have more talent. Others say Boston should win it because they have more heart. Of course there are those who go for Vancouver because they hate Charra. Also there are Toronto fans (do they count?) who favor Boston because Vancouver stole their captain, Matts Sundin. And we can’t ignore the fact that Vancouver sent Ryan Clowe golfing earlier than he preferred.

Ah, wait now, there’s still more. I’ve been told I should back Boston because they have a uniform whereas Vancouver is still fishing around for one. Oh, and then there’s our prominent Newfoundland son, Michael Ryder. I’m strongly urged to tilt my TV in his direction. But, the opponents say there is also a Newf doing some Vancouver coaching. Lardy jumpin’, this is getting deep. Maybe I should ask Don Cherry. But then Ron McLean will disagree and I like him too.

Not simple is it? How do I figure this out? I’m confused. Come people, help me out here. After all I could be the one fan who could tip the scale in some team’s favor. Talk to me please.


  1. william says:

    Well u said the answer yourself. Vancouver is a Canadian team and they have a Newfoundlander couch. Boston just has one Newfoundlander as a player, no where to special. I think that couch is pretty high up in ranks, yes? Yes. So Vancouver for the win.

  2. Josh White says:

    Lots of variables to think of in this situation. Honestly, in the end, I would always take the Canadian team. Vancouver, although on the other side of the country is the only logical conclusion. As a fellow Newfoundlander I’m always glad to see Michael Ryder do so well. As of yesterday, he has 7 goals in the playoffs, and umpteen points. However as a proud Canadian and an off the charts Canadians fan I want to see Boston lose. After all, they barely made it past my beloved Canadians.

    For the rest of the summer my thoughts will be “they(montreal) were only one goal away..” I’m sure you all know a Canadians fan saying the same thing. We are the truly faithful to our hockey club. So, to conclude, lets cheer for Vancouver, but more importantly lets note that this was almost a Vancouver and Montreal Stanley Cup Final 🙂

    The website looks great guys, all the best!

    Go Habs Go!……oh yeah Vancouver too 😉

  3. Wayne…no contest bye….Boston all the way…who do you think helped build that city and has more connections to Newfoundland and Labrador if not boston….sure not Vancouver…they don’t even know where we are located in Canada!

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