There’s Always Good To Be Found

In today’s complex world there are no shortages of unkind acts. With the stream of multi media news coming at us we’re constantly pounded with images of incivility – babies being beaten, cats skivered and old people being toppled and robbed. Sometimes you think, ‘she’s gone, b’y, and never coming back’. Added to all that there’s the growing prevalence of people wanting to take from you in every way possible. You’ve got to have your eyes peeled and ears tuned all the time for scammers and schemers. Makes you almost lose faith in the human race.

The Wife By the Cabin

Well, yesterday I witnessed a random act of kindness which fortified my faith in humanity. It left me feeling aglow and optimistic.

I was in St. John’s for meetings for couple of days and before leaving town the wife and I dropped by a small business down in the denser part of town to pick up four or five items. While getting ready to pay for them someone spoke up and notified us that our vehicle was being ticketed.

“Oh my larsh, we should have told you not to park there. I feels some bad,” said the lady behind the counter.

I passed it off with a joke, Carolyn paid the bill and we left. As we were driving away I asked her about the cost of the items and when she checked we realized that the total was half of what it should be. Back I go to the store with the receipt.

She was waiting for my return and with absolute resolve and determination refused to take money for the 50% discount she gave me in lieu of the ticket.

Yes indeed, there is always good to be found.

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