Praise to the Big Land

To all the great people in Goose Bay we want to say ‘thank you’ for the reception at our recent shows and for the kindness shown by so many of you. We were given tours, treated to lovely meals, transported, entertained, accommodated and all in fine style.

And we can’t say enough wonderful things about the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre. The venue is superb in every way. The staff is professional, kind and easy to be around. It was truly a good experience and that comes from three old codgers who have seen a few theatres in 29 years. Thanks again.

Just one little experience I wish to share with you. On our day off Kathleen Hicks, theatre manager, took us on an excursion to Muskrat Falls. We drove 30 kilometers, walked a foot beaten path for 15 minutes and ended up overlooking one hell of a mighty cascade of water. Standing next to it, being engulfed by the mist, thinking about all the poor souls who portaged around it, hearing the thunderous roar and looking up to the peaceful valley from which it comes is a moving experience to say the least.

Of course the salient question came to mind: should they dam it? Before the reasoning mind was up and running the heart cried out for it to be left alone. It’s just such a powerful piece of nature for future eyes to behold. I know it’s a source of clean power. I know it will provide economic impetus to the region. I know that we need clean energy but tell that to the heart. It’s just not listening.

I could only foresee the tops of noble spruce trees underwater for miles upriver, animal habitat spoiled and a thunderous voice muzzled into silence forever.

I know, I’m an artsy, right minded, romantic sort of guy and the damn dam probably does make financial, social and business sense. But, I can’t help pondering on the question, ‘where will the muskrats go?’

God bless Labrador.


  1. Les Strong says:

    Wayne – Thanks to you & your wife for taking the time to talk to my daughter Laura & sign a poster. She has a strong interest in music of most kinds. I hope she continues with her vioce & guitar lessons & I belivbe you may have inspired her. She can wait to show her music teacher the poster. We had t go strait to Wall Mart to get a frame for it. I did find the storey of how you came up with the song & how you got inspired. We are looking at attending the upcoming show at the Rebecca.


    Les – Laura’s dad

    Ches & Allison Strong – Laura’s Grand Parents

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