God Bless the Big Land

We’re back from Labrador. Wow, what a trip; memorable in so many ways. Cold, don’t be talking. Honest to god, my eye balls started to freeze on my only four minute walk from hotel to theatre. What a beating the poor old face took. Someone suggested duct tape! But the locals don’t seem to mind. They think we islanders are soft as crap. Minus 37o C. “Nothing”, they say. “Should see it when ‘tis cold.”

But there’s more to remember than the cold. The hospitality lingers in our minds too. Nowhere in our travels do we get better treatment than by the caring souls who survive those brutal lows. We were constantly being offered meals, cars, rides, snowmobiles, and … warmer clothing. I’ve always heard that people who have spent a few years there hate to move from Labrador and now I’m starting to understand why. They really know how to look out to others.

Thanks Ellen (Lab West A&C manager) for going far beyond what any other manager would dream of doing to accommodate us. Hi to Dave. Shawn and Kevin (technical) … you’re the best. The crowd at The Carol Inn could not have been more helpful. Thanks.

And Goose Bay … wow. Tony Dawson (CBC). We’ve never had a happier, storytelling driver. Thanks also for the early morning interview where we learned of the pope’s creepy leave. Hats’ off to Kathleen and her theatre crew – the best; they just always get it right. Thanks to the long suffering John for carting us around at all hours and looking out to all the stage details.

And oh the food. Thanks Suzanne for the homemade apple pie after the first show and the scrumptious meal with Berkley on Tuesday. Robyn, my dear, what an amazing lunch and thank you Dennis for the tour of your new recreational business. Loves Da Yammies! Of course Angele outdid herself as usual with another meal (and her sharp wit) to save the starving musicians upon arrival.

A very special thanks to all the people who travelled for many hours on snow mobile from coastal communities to see us. One gentleman told us he and his family drove for 10 hours on skidoos to see us. What can we say? And while on the topic of transportation, the good people from Provincial Air got us to Labrador and back free of charge. If it wasn’t for them we would have had to take Da Yammie!

We are fortunate beyond words to be associated with all of you.


  1. Angele Yetman says:

    And a pleasure it was to see you guys again……..miss you already!!Any time you need a dose of my wit just give a call,I can join you on tour!! Safe travels to you all until we meet again

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