Crazy or Wha?

Call us crazy but we were stunned enough to book thirty shows in seven provinces this spring!

Oh well, it’s done now and we survived marvelously. I’ll let those of you who saw a show judge whether or not it was worth it. For us we had a great time; gathered up loads of memories, met tons of people, discovered some great new restaurants, shipped home a fair bit of cash and managed to stay healthy. How wicket is that. Now we get to enjoy summer; just hope we don’t sleep in and miss it. Some cold lately, wha?

Oh, and we managed to write, practice and slip in a few new pieces. One dandy one called, Dicky Picked Up is being received nicely. We’re having fun performing it and audiences are singing along with a fair bit of bite. It’s a song about fighting in hockey; one which I started and Blackmore finished ( Ray does some fine accordion cooking on it).

Lyric sample:
Dickey picked up a six pack and went home to watch the game
The Montreal Canadians were playing the Calgary Flames
He’d sit there every evening in the comfort of his home
And the world could go to hell and leave Dicky all alone!

Can’t give away too much but I’m just saying Don Cherry would be proud. We’re hoping he’ll eventually hear it and use it for a theme song. You never know. We were told in Brantford that Wayne Gretzky really like Kevin’s Shinny On The Ice!

On another note, we just confirmed our Sept. 10th show at The Clarenville Events Centre. We’ll be doing it in conjunction with The Clarenville Caribous. They won the Alan Cup. Congrats, boys. Judging by the wild sold out crowd last time there’s going to be noise again this time. It’ll be our first fall show before kicking off our 36 Arts & Culture shows. No rest for the wicket!!


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